This exercise for a flat belly is more effective than doing 1000 sit-ups a day (VIDEO)

Exercise for a flat belly:

Having a flabby belly or abdomen is a problem that affects the performance in all kinds of sports and also in running. The exercise for a flat stomach that we will talk about allows you to exercise 3 parts of your body: the abdomen, back, and waist.

We are talking about the Ab wheel, a training of great help for runners as it allows them to tone and strengthen the Core completely. With that, we manage to strengthen the core of the body so necessary for any runner.

With the help of this tool, you not only strengthen the abdomen, but you will also work other various muscles and joints while improving inter and intramuscular coordination, and the best thing is that you can do it anywhere.

Specialists recommend runners strengthen the core, since it corresponds to the central axis of the body and is an essential part of the balance, and the Ab wheel is fundamental for this.

There is an endless number of abdominal routines, and although all of them provide multiple benefits, with the help of this tool you will exercise your abdomen, and at the same time that you will define your six-pack. The important part here is that you do a flawless execution for good results, and we will help you.

The Ab wheel: the exercise for a flat stomach

What makes the Ab wheel the star exercise that abs alone can’t achieve?

The Ab wheel allows the strengthening of the core completely: abdominals, buttocks, lower back, and obliques. It also has the great advantage of avoiding incorrect postures, known as the ‘anti-extension’, avoiding excessive arching of the back. Strong abdominals and obliques will protect your spine and give you great stability.

And the benefits do not end yet, this exercise is also an ace up your sleeve to improve flexibility and mobility, the abdominal roller works several muscles and joints. It is a joint workout that improves inter and intramuscular coordination. It improves the range of motion obtained, which leads to increased flexibility and mobility.

How to perform this exercise for a flat stomach?

The first and most common mistake of those who use the Ab wheel is to perform an excessively open stretch. If you want to achieve strengthening instead of back pain, the first thing we advise is to go down as far as your body will allow, without forcing yourself, and progress slowly as you train.

But what’s the magic? To begin with, if you have never tried this exercise, then the first thing to do is to start with the help of a small bench or pouf, and when you get a proper execution of the exercise, you can dispense with the bench. When you feel shoulder pain, it is vital that you stop, and remember that a straight back is paramount.


It is essential that before starting this routine you can hold the plank position (and without arching your back) for at least 1 minute. Keep in mind that with the help of the wheel you have to be able to do the whole run without arching your back, if you see arching you should also stop, as this could lead to possible injury.

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